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About MET
MET is a top label in creating iconic designs that inspire people and enhance their confidence. It manufactures the best helmets to improve the experience of cycling. As the expert helmet maker, the brand provides all the ideal products at all times, forming an honored place in the world of cycling with brand-leading expertise founded on over 25 years of in-house production. All the products are formed to be creative and inspiring for their clients and satisfy the high standards of protection and quality.
MET is proud to be established in the Italian Alps, fetching a liking for aesthetics and a deep devotion to cycling. It is a notable brand in the empire of cycling helmets and other accessories, praised for its devotion to style, protection, and creation. The brand is dedicated to rider protection. The helmets enclose different cycling disciplines, including roadways, urban commuting, mountain biking, and more. The helmets are famous for their optimal ventilation, weightless construction, and comfy fit, improving the focus of riders on their journey without any compromise. Also, MET welcomes creative designs, often cooperating with top designers to make helmets that combine functionality with comfort. Their concentration on detail results in the formation of helmets that not only improve performance but also complete the rider´s style.

MET collection of cycling helmets and accessories

MET mtb helmets are developed with cutting-edge safety technologies, such as in-mold building and impact-absorbing materials, to offer reliable safety in case of drops or collisions. MET road helmets have aerodynamic forms and optimized airflow channels that lower drag and improve performance, making them perfect for high-speed road cycling.
MET urban helmets are designed with a focus on aesthetics, often having modern graphics and colorings that align with the adventurous soul of off-road cycling. MET bike lights often have multiple lighting manners, such as regular, flash, and pulsing, allowing cyclists to select the mode that perfectly fits their riding environment.
MET downhill helmets have a full-face structure that wraps the entire skull, face, and chin, delivering complete protection for riders tackling technological and aggressive tracks. MET bike helmets come with elastic retention techniques and suitable mechanisms that allow cyclists to achieve a protected and personalized fit, improving ease and stability.
MET accessories for bike helmets include helmet covers or rain protection, offering extra safety against weather factors such as rainfall and cold wind, providing a more comfortable ride. MET accessories are usually designed to be consistent with typical helmet models, providing a seamless fit and performance when connected.