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Training and competition

Bike Training and competition

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How to Prepare for a First Bike Race


Staying hydrated is the key to stay active throughout the day while riding. For that reason, you must ensure that you have a good quality water bottle. There are many leading brands such as Specialized, Castelli, Scwalbe, Vittoria, and Continental that offer high quality bottles for avid riders. These bottles are manufactured with advanced technology, innovative and odorless materials, soft and bacterial resistant plastic to ensure a safe hydration solution.

Exercise bikes

To prepare for your first race, train like a pro on exercise bikes at home comfortably without worrying about the weather. These exercises are designed to provide an opportunity to cyclists to work out at the highest level of comfort for their competition. To achieve maximum performance through training at home, exercise bikes are your true companion. The bike features an adjustable handlebar, seat, and magnetic brake system that allow a smooth training session.

Race Belts and Chip Bands

When you are preparing for the first bike race, make sure to have race belts and chip bands. It is one of the most essential triathlon accessories that are used to keep your race number in place. It is easy to fasten the race number by using the toggles without wasting much time. The size of the belt is adjustable and features gel loops for nutrition storage.


If you are a rider preparing for your first bike race, ramps are the best training gear that will help improve your skills. These ramps are designed for skateboards, rollerblades, and MTB beginners that enable you to practice small jumps at low speed. It is one of the safest ways to improve and grow your skills. They are lightweight and convenient to carry around with your bike.


Rollers are the most compact and best option for touring indoor training sessions. If you want to work out for the first race, this automatic resistance adjustment roller is a reliable companion for you. It can seamlessly fit at any part of the house and help take your training to the next level. Rollers are made of high quality material to ensure great stability and shock absorption.

More about Exercise and Competition:

Whether you are aspiring to race in the Tour De France or simply a recreational rider participating in the race competition in your hometown, you need to follow training tips that will help you become a faster, better, and more efficient rider in the race. Along with other training gear and accessories, you need towels, training apparel and energy supplements for the workout session. You must work out at home with all trainer accessories and equipment to increase your chances of winning.