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About Vittoria
Vittoria was established in 1953, and it is a manufacturer of bicycle tires and wheelsets for cycling. It is an Italian brand, and its headquarters are in Brembate. It is a leading tire manufacturing company that produces millions of tires for road cycling and mountain tires. It is a well-known brand introducing premium quality tires to boost the bicycle´s performance. Vittoria is famous for inventing new tires with nylon and cotton casing using advanced methods. It also offers high-quality tires for professional racing to ensure the fastest speed and excellent performance.
Vittoria tires have the broadest range of almost all types of tires and wheelsets for every level, such as urban, road, off-road, and MTB cycling use. The brand uses advanced technology and innovative designs to provide the most suitable tires for regular and professional usage. There is a world of tires and wheelsets to choose from to make your cycling experience more fun. Also, the number of possibilities makes the racing experience the best.

Find Vittoria´s best products on Bikeinn

Vittoria is undoubtedly one of the best tire manufacturing brands. You can shop all its products on Bikeinn. Professional racing tires and the Vittoria brand have now become synonyms since Vittoria tires are designed to provide the fastest speed and handling. As Italy serves as the cradle for the world of cycling, these tires are the Italian heritage cherished by the world for their prestigious manufacturing background.
Vittoria cycling tires have unique features that make them the most durable among others. They have the fastest rolling speed, but it does not compromise the grip and gives you the best support you expect. The tires have inflatable rings and a valve system that fits inside the tire casting and are known as inner tubes. Vittoria inner tubes have various sizing options and are made with high-quality rubber. These are very lightweight and help to prevent punctures and balance the weight. Another good thing that the brand offers is the Vittoria hubs. One can choose these hubs based on their material, bearing type, standard disc mount, axels, and rims. Since they can protect them from muddy surfaces and dirt and thus increase the life of the hubs for a long time to keep them well protected. In addition to all these gears, Vittoria cycling shoes are essential to cycling. A good cycling shoe can help to ride on rough and uneven terrains by providing ultimate support to boost the cycling experience and offering you much faster speed than regular shoes.