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About POC
POC is a brand that manufactures sports vests, helmets, glasses and many other sports related accessories. It is a Swedish based brand with a clear and vital mission to provide reasonable protection to athletes by reducing the consequences of accidents during cycling or other sports. You have saved many lives by making high quality products. This extra clear vision has set a new standard in manufacturing superior quality materials by building different combinations. POC also used advanced technology and innovation to make the dream possible. It has become a leading company providing important personal protection to all athletes.

For the safest bike riding experience, POC helmet is the best product for you. Bike helmets are one of the most important bicycle pieces of equipment to prevent serious injuries. POC cycling helmets certainly provide you with much-needed personal protection. They give you a safe cycling experience and a stylish touch. It offers safety and innovative aesthetics at the same time. It proposes three different helmet variants: full face, half face and off-road to choose the type you want.

POC also offers high quality clothing and accessories.

In addition to protection, POC also offers excellent quality clothing and many other fashion items at Bikeinn. POC offers a wide range of jerseys that are best for mountain biking and skin tight jerseys that are good for road cycling. The POC jersey is made with the best fabric and top quality material, since jerseys are a fundamental part of cycling equipment. The brand offers jerseys suitable for the cycling needs and requirements of each cyclist. The material is very light, breathable and dries quickly to keep you comfortable at all times.
The jerseys are more comfortable due to their different pockets and zipper options. It has many options, from front to rear zippers and the number of zippers you prefer depending on the type of cycling. Usually, for longer cycling sessions, the rear zips are best for storing some food and providing enough power when your energy level is running low. Another necessary item when riding a bicycle are gloves. The gloves can protect the rider from hot and cold weather conditions. POC gloves come in two styles. Long-fingered ones are best for cold weather as they can help provide warmth, while short-fingered ones are made to protect the hands from intense heat rays.
The brand also has great quality bike sunglasses. POC Sunglasses are perfectly designed to increase the performance of the cyclist. The special lenses used in these sunglasses allow you to see even in very low or almost no sunlight. Therefore, these multicolored glasses are perfect for cycling.