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Bike Protections

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How to Choose Protections for Your Bike

Body Protections

Mountain bikers have to be careful and confident enough to accept the risks associated with the sport by equipping themselves with the appropriate body protection. Body armours, neck braces, spin guards and full body protection gear should be properly worn by the MTB riders to minimize the chances of injuries and serious accidents. Ergon, Troy Lee Designs, and Assos are well known brands that offer high quality body protection gears to professional and recreational riders.


First of all, you should choose the biking goggles that snugly fit around your temple, hold them securely in place even when you are moving your head from side to side or looking downwards while riding. Next, choose the colour of the lens that provides 100% UV protection and helps lighten the bright sunshine in the height of mountains. If you are looking for stylish yet most reliable goggles for cycling, buy from the best brands Giro, POC,, and Bell.


A good quality cycling helmet should be perfectly fit your head and allow for all around vision and protection to the rider. The helmet you choose should be lightweight, aerodynamic and well ventilated since it is important for the rider to feel comfortable. Specialized, Troy Lee Designs, and Giro design helmets for mountain biking to provide impact protection so that you can enjoy the adventure with safety and comfort.


Safety is the most crucial element in cycling. It is important for the riders to use reflective lights on their bikes/bicycles so that the other people can see you on dark nights. The reflectors can be placed at the rear of the wheels, pedals and around the bike frame so that when the light hits them, they can reflect back and signal the person that someone is riding there. You can get a huge range of bike reflectors from leading companies such as Brooks England, XLC, and MSC.


Cycling sunglasses are not only for fashion and styling; they are an essential piece of protective gears for most riders. In summer, the sunglasses help protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays and keep debris, wind and bugs at bay. Moreover, most sunglasses provide UV protection and help your eyes protect from eye ailments and other issues. Shimano, Assos, and POC offer a huge collection of cycling sunglasses that are available in different colours, styles and designs to suit an individuals needs.

More about Protections for Bike:

Biking is a fun sport only when you are well protected with the right kind of accessories and gear. For biking in long distance routes, it is recommended that cyclists must keep spare parts of their protection gear such as extra helmet pads, pair of lenses, helmet visors and sunglasses to avoid any unpleasant event.