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About Crankbrothers
Crankbothers is a prominent brand that provides products for the Sporting Goods manufacturing industry and was established in 1997. The brand develops and engineers superior-quality mountain bike components and parts that promote performance. The brand provides excellent functioning via specific designs.
Crankbrothers is a respected and recognized brand that manufactures wheels, pedals, dropper posts, tools, pumps, and accessories. The brand strives to design and provide superior quality, creative, performance-oriented products for bike riding on mountains. Crankbrothers carved its path in the kingdom of cycling through precision engineering and creation. With a determined commitment to developing top-tier bicycle accessories and components, the brand has gained importance for providing products that improve the riding experience. Famous for its extreme wheels, tools, pedals, and accessories, it is honored for breaking the walls of functionality and design. The brand´s specific aesthetic, characterized by sleekness and concentration on details, represents its devotion to both performance and structure. Its innovative items have changed the cycling landscape, leading to different disciplines and styles of riding. From road cycling to mountain biking, its products are developed to stand against demanding conditions and terrains. Reliability and superior quality are two core aspects of this brand.

Crankbrothers collection of footwear and biking spare parts

Crankbrothers pedals are recognized for their unique and creative design, having a unique open-platform idea that clears mud and rubble, providing constant performance in different conditions.
Crankbrothers shoes are made to flawlessly merge with Crankbrothers pedal systems, forming a suitable connection between the rider and the motorbike.
Crankbrothers cleats typically feature a two-bolt design that is consistent with Crankbrothers pedal systems, creating a secure connection between the cyclist´s shoes and the pedals. Crankbrothers cycling shoes possess ventilation qualities that aid in handling temperature and moistness, keeping the feet relaxed and dry during excessive rides. Crankbrothers mens shoes generally have a rigid sole that efficiently transmits force from the rider´s feet to the pedals, optimizing power efficiency and performance.
Crankbrothers wheels are lightweight and help decrease rotational weight, contributing to more rapid acceleration and enhanced climbing performance. Crankbrothers wheels are often developed to be consistent with a range of tire widths and heights, adjusting different riding manners and terrains.
Crankbrothers bike spare parts are reliable and are trusted by cyclists, minimizing the demand for regular replacements and providing consistent performance on rides. Crankbrothers presents a vast range of spare parts for various components, allowing cyclists to find the exact parts they require for their bikes.