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Tips when hiking with your children


When choosing a backpack for children, make sure it is lightweight and compact. Children generally cannot carry large, heavy backpacks. To hook them, you must choose a backpack according to the age and physique of your child. CMP, Regatta, Trespass, VAUDE, and Littlelife make backpacks of the highest quality.


For any type of outdoor trip, such as hiking or trekking, staying hydrated is the most important thing. Especially when you go hiking with your children, it is necessary for you to take water bottles with you. There are several leading brands that design and offer kids hydration bottles and backpacks. Make sure the bottles are durable, safe, and of good quality.

Baby carrier

If your child is between 6 and 18 months, you will surely need a baby carrier. A baby carrier is a great solution for parents who are hiking with small children, it serves the best purpose and is practical, comfortable and durable.


When you go hiking with children, you should pay more attention to your children. Children who habitually wriggle can injure themselves outdoors. For that reason, a child safe leash, backpack leash, or toddler harness is something that can solve your problems. In addition, a child harness provides security for a child by preventing him from becoming separated from his parent while he is walking.

Sleeping bags

If you are planning a trip of more than one day, you need a good quality sleeping bag in which you can spend the nights in maximum comfort with your children. In addition, you can also consider bringing a sleeping mat. It will give another layer of comfort and protection in extreme weather conditions outdoors.

More about hiking for kids:

An insulating sleeping pad is a great solution to take with you to keep you warm and comfortable. Chalk bags are another important piece of equipment for outdoor rock climbing activities that keep your hands dry. Helmets are important whenever you are hiking in long distance areas. They protect you from injury and can be used to connect flashlights and headlamps.