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How to choose the best stationery for children?

Agendas and calendars

Children´s daily planners such as diaries and calendars are available in different colors and attractive designs. Children love having a daily planner that can be used to write down important events, birthdays, and tasks.


Choosing the right calculator for your child depends on the school year in which he is. In the first grade, you need to choose a simple calculator. Avoid calculators with complex features that can be confusing. However, in the intermediate grades, children need a scientific calculator to help them solve algebra and statistics problems.

Pencil cases

When choosing pencil cases for kids, make sure it has enough space for all the essentials like pencils, pens, erasers, markers, highlighters, scales, colors, paper clips, etc. There are different designs and materials of pencil cases available in the market that you can choose from. Some cases come with popular cartoon characters printed on them.

Felt pens

Markers are a classic way of coloring. Children use them to draw and color. Markers are great for developing drawing techniques for unlimited creativity. Plus, the markers water based ink is easy to wash off hands and fabric. There are a variety of colors with large and small tips of markers.


File folders allow you to organize and keep your paperwork neatly stored. Folders are also used to keep paper wrinkle free and protect it from further damage. There are different sizes and types of file folders available in various colors and textures. Children must learn to keep their documents and worksheets organized.


When choosing a label maker for your child, make sure its easy to use from start to print. Labelers must have clear, quick and easily accessible symbols and buttons. There are also different styles and colors of label maker cases that you can choose to customize according to your childs taste.


The size of the notebook you choose depends on how your child will use it. There are different sizes and styles of notebooks that you can choose from. Notebooks are useful for school going children to write down important tasks.

Pencils and pens

Pencils and pens are the most basic school supplies. The quality of the pencils should be considered as it will affect your childs writing skills. Cerda Group, Safta, Ravensburger, Crayola and Milan offer the highest quality stationery for children.

Photo frames

Photo frames are a piece of home decor. You can frame the pictures of your children and family members in frames and hang them on the walls, which will revive your old memories. There are different styles of photo frames that you can choose from.

More about stationery:

Back to school season has begun. As a parent, you should buy the best stationery for your children. Basic stationery and accessories include rulers, whiteboards, stickers, erasers, albums, books, journals, and paints.