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Team sports

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Childrens first sports participation: choosing the right equipment

Ball games

The balls can be used both for playing sports and for some playful activities, such as catching a ball or juggling. The balls are made up of different materials depending on their use, they are usually made of plastic or rubber.

Goalkeeper kit and gloves

Goalkeeper kit and gloves are essential in many sports. The kit is the set of clothing used in each specific sport. Socks are worn when you play sports like soccer, hockey, or cricket. Goalkeeper gloves are those used by a goalkeeper in soccer.

Football boots

Soccer boots are also known as cleats. Football boots are designed for grass pitches and have studs on the outsole to help with grip. Football boots play an essential role in helping the player execute quick movements on the field. You can buy these boots from Adidas, New Balance, Joma, Puma, Hummel.


The protections are used to protect the player from any harm during sports. The protections may include helmets, safety glasses, mouth guards, face shields, jockstraps, protective pads and shock absorbers, and protective footwear.

Training bibs

Training bibs are used to separate teams in training and also during a tournament where both teams have uniforms of the same colour. During training, these bibs can also be worn to play short competitions between two teams.

More about team sports:

Indoor football: Futsal is a soccer based game recreated in an indoor pavilion, smaller than a soccer field and usually indoors.
Rugby Boots: Rugby boots are created with the requirement of strength and calm. This indicates that rugby boots are wider, have a high heel and larger studs.