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How to choose the correct size of a racket for children?

What should be the correct racket size to choose for your child? To choose the correct racket size for your child, you must consider these aspects;

Badminton rackets

The size of badminton rackets is determined by three different dimensions such as length, head size, and grip size. The starting point is what length you should choose for your child. The length is the overall size of the racket measured from the tip to the bottom of the handle. The area of ​​the chord is known as the head size, which is measured in square inches. The grip is known as the width of the handle. It means how comfortably your child can hold and play the racket.


You should choose tennis balls that are durable and easy to play. The balls need to bounce according to your playing skill so that you can have control while hitting the ball. When shopping for children´s tennis balls, you should choose slower balls. There are pressurized and non pressure balls on the market that you can choose for your children. Pressurized tennis balls have compressed air inside them which makes them bounce high. On the other hand, pressureless balls do not have compressed air, so they are considered slower and ideal for children.

Paddle rackets

With a wide variety of designs and shapes on the market, choosing the right paddle tennis racket for your child can be a daunting task. Padel rackets are available in three different shapes such as round, drop shaped, and diamond shaped. When choosing paddle tennis rackets, you should also take into account your childs level of play. Remember, a heavier racket provides more power on shots but can be difficult to use.

Ping pong rackets

The racket is made up of six main parts which are a handle, a racket, a forehand sponge and rubber, and a backhand sponge and rubber. To choose the right racket for your child, you must take into account the level of experience to choose a simple model or a more complete racket.

Tennis racquets

Rackets for children are selected based on their strength and height. The simple rule of thumb for choosing the correct racket length is to stay straight and hold the racket in your hand, but not touch the ground. According to the length, tennis rackets are divided into childrens rackets and adult rackets. Head, Babolat, Softee, Rox and Dunlop are the most recognized manufacturers that design.