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Tips to Dress Your Kids for Outdoor Activities

To make your kids feel comfortable in the outdoors, you need to ensure that they are properly dressed up. It is vital to know how to outfit your kids for the outdoors where weather conditions are unpredictable and can change from sunny and hot to cold and wet. Below is a detailed guide that will help you learn how to dress up your kid for outdoor activities. Have a look;

Base Layers

Base layers serve as an underwear layer that is also called a skin to skin layer. In winters, base layers provide warmth and keep your kids skin dry and protected. In warm weather, a base layer made of synthetic or wool can be worn as a t shirt that wicks sweat off the skin. Some of the renowned brands offering the base layers are Columbia, CMP, Trangoworld, Icebreaker, and Montura.


For cold conditions, a fleece and leather jacket or a puffy jacket made of polyester is the best choice to keep your kids warm and dry. Salewa, Columbia, Haglöfs, The North Face, and CMP are the top brands you can go to for buying high quality jackets for outdoor activities.


Hiking and trekking usually have twists and turns trails. Stretchable and comfortable tights or pants are the best choice for kids to move freely. Salewa, Columbia, Haglöfs, The North Face, and CMP provide a wide variety of pants available in different styles, fabrics, and designs that you can choose according to your personal choice.

T shirts

To enjoy the outdoors with a sense of adventure, make sure that your kids wear the right outdoor clothing. According to the weather, you need to dress up your kid with lightweight polo shirts, shirts, or vests. T shirts made of nylon/polyester provides maximum breathability and flexibility and ideal for hikes. Salewa, Columbia, The North Face, CMP, and La Sportiva are some of the best brands that offer a huge collection of t shirts.


if you are planning an outdoor adventure in the freezy cold days, make sure your kid wears high quality sweaters that are warm and comfortable. Kids also look great in sweatshirts and hoodies. You should buy high quality, warm, and insulated sweaters for your kids from renowned brands like Columbia, CMP, Regatta, and Trespass.

More about Kids’ Clothing Outdoor

Your kids can have the same strategy for wearing outdoor clothes by mixing and matching layers as per the conditions.

Face Mask
In addition to the basic outdoor clothing, your kids also wear a face mask during any type of outdoor activity. Face masks are essential for keeping your kids protected against viral infections that usually transmit from people through sneeze or cough. Face masks are made of different materials and available in attractive designs and colors that are appealing to the eyes.

Gloves are one of the most critical items of outdoor clothing for your kids that you must keep in mind before heading towards the outdoors. Gloves can be thicker or thinner, choose the one according to the weather conditions. Insulated and waterproof mittens are warmer and better than gloves which are best for winters.

There are many different types of headwear are available in the market that you can choose for your kids. You can choose a wide brim hat or a stylish cap for your kid and let them enjoy outdoor life while staying protected against harmful sun rays.

Neck Gaiter
A neck gaiter is one of the most necessary outdoor clothing items that you must keep in mind. Make sure that your kid has wrapped the gaiter around the neck properly to avoid sun exposure and sunburn.

Ponchos are the best alternative to rain jackets for kids. They hang down around the knees and keep your body protected from the rain. Salewa, Columbia, CMP, Trangoworld, and VAUDE are the top brands that design and manufacture the highest quality kids outdoor Ponchos and suits.

Your kids must wear socks to protect their legs from dirt, dust, and sun rays. Socks should be taller than their hiking shoes. In winter hiking activities, socks also serve as a base layer to keep legs warm and protected against rain, snow, and cold winds.