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Red Chili

Red Chili
About Red Chili
Red Chili is a renowned brand in the world of climbing, dedicated to crafting high-quality climbing gear and apparel to elevate climbers´ performance and experiences. Founded in 1996 by Stefan Glowacz, a German professional climber, and Uwe Hofstädter, an experienced shoe designer, Red Chili quickly gained recognition for its innovative and functional products, becoming a trusted name in the climbing community. Red Chili climbing gear is designed with the utmost attention to detail, combining style and functionality to meet the demands of climbers.
Red Chili´s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted and beloved brand in the climbing community. With a wide range of climbing clothing, footwear, and accessories, Red Chili continues to inspire climbers of all levels to push their limits and enjoy the thrill of conquering new heights. From aggressive downturned models for bouldering and sport climbing to all-day comfort shoes for trad climbing, Red Chili ensures climbers can find the perfect fit for their individual needs and climbing style.

Elevate Your Climbing Experience with Red Chili

Red Chili´s climbing clothing prioritizes freedom of movement, allowing climbers to focus on their technique and conquer challenging routes. The clothing line includes durable climbing pants and shorts, lightweight and breathable shirts, and protective jackets for various weather conditions. Red Chili offers a wide range of climbing apparel tailored specifically for men. Their collection includes performance-oriented shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and trousers, crafted with high-performance materials and ergonomic designs. Red chili men´s clothing line is engineered to withstand the rigors of climbing while maintaining comfort and style.
For female climbers, Red Chili provides a comprehensive selection of climbing clothing designed to cater to their unique needs. From fitted tops and supportive sports bras to flexible pants and jackets, Red chili women´s clothing range focuses on empowering women to excel in their climbing pursuits. In addition to clothing and footwear, Red Chili also offers a diverse range of climbing accessories. These include chalk bags, climbing gloves for added grip and protection, durable backpacks for carrying gear, and climbing tape to support fingers and hands during intense climbs. Red Chili´s climbing accessories are designed to complement and enhance the overall climbing experience.
Red Chili climbing shoes are a highlight of the brand´s product offerings. Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, these shoes provide optimal performance and support on various surfaces. The Red Chili men´s shoe collection caters to the specific requirements of male climbers. With a variety of styles, such as lace-up and slip-on designs, climbers can choose shoes that offer the best combination of sensitivity, edging power, and comfort to tackle any climbing challenge. Red chili women´s shoes range is designed to provide optimal performance while catering to the anatomical differences of women´s feet. These shoes offer precision and agility, enabling women climbers to excel on the rock.