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Base layers


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How to Choose Base Layers

The base layers are the foundation of the whole clothing and layering system that you need for any outdoor activity and it starts with proper layering that touches your skin. The selection of underwear is completely a personal decision. Pick the one that you find the most comfortable and functional. In choosing a base layer for outdoors, you have three key aspects to keep in mind;


The material of base layers is one of the key components that impact your buying decision. Whether you pick synthetic material or natural, it must have a wicking ability to move sweat and wetness of the skin. Salomon, Salewa, Columbia, and La Sportiva offer the best collection of women’s outdoor clothing.


Base layers are supposed to be lightweight. However, they come in mid weight to heavyweight fabrics too. The thicker fabric of base layers provides a little more warmth to your body and ideal for winter outdoor adventures. The majority of women hikers prefer to wear underwear with their shorts and pants to keep them dry and comfortable. Choose breathable underwear material made of synthetic or polyester.

Fit Factor

The base layers have to be sung fit to properly do their job. You can choose polyester, synthetic, or merino wool base layers that are comfortable as well as functional outdoors.