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About Bennett Trim Tabs
Bennett Trim Tabs are the industry standard in marine trim tab technology, offering performance and reliability for boaters. Founded in 1959, Bennett Marine has dedicated over six decades to perfecting the art of trim tabs, Focused on small boats initially, but quickly gained recognition for quality and reliability. Early designs were hydraulic, requiring manual pump operation. Charles invented the modern trim tab, revolutionizing boat performance and handling.
Bennett Trim Tabs boat accessories are an investment in improved performance, efficiency, and comfort. Bennett Trim Tabs boat accessories small yet powerful plates mounted on the transom of the boat offer a wide range of benefits, making them a must-have for any serious boater. Bennett offers a comprehensive range of Bennett Trim Tabs boat accessories like Bennett hydraulic trim kits, Bennett Trim Tabs hydraulic systems, Bennett Trim self leveling tab, and Bennett Trim auto tab control.
The Bennett hydraulic trim kit is a powerful system that helps boaters control the attitude of their boat by adjusting underwater trim tabs. It uses hydraulic power for precise and fast response, making it ideal for larger boats and rough conditions. Bennett hydraulic trim kit includes actuators, a hydraulic power unit, a control switch, trim tabs, and installation hardware.
Bennett Trim Tabs´ hydraulic systems are the gold standard in marine trim tab technology, These robust systems are specifically designed for larger boats, heavier loads, and challenging operating conditions. Bennett´s hydraulic trim tabs deliver power for large boats, heavy loads, and rough waters. Powerful actuators adjust underwater blades, controlled by a helm panel.
Bennett Trim Self-Leveling Tabs provide a hands-off approach to managing boat´s trim and attitude. This innovative system automatically adjusts the trim tabs based on boat speed and water pressure, ensuring optimal balance and performance throughout the journey. As the boat accelerates or slows down, or encounters changing water conditions, the spring adjusts the trim tab angle accordingly.
Bennett Trim tab system plates are adjustable to optimize boat performance, handling, and comfort. Enhance fuel efficiency and safety, available in hydraulic and electric options. By adjusting lift and downforce, trim tabs help boats achieve optimal trim for faster planning, improved visibility, and better performance.
Bennett Auto Tab Control takes the guesswork out of trim, automatically adjusting underwater tabs to maintain optimal boat balance and performance regardless of speed, weight distribution, or sea conditions. Enjoy improved fuel efficiency, increased stability, and a smoother ride.
Bennett Trim Tabs valves control the flow of hydraulic fluid in the system, directing it to the actuators to raise and lower the trim tabs. Bennett Trim Tabs valves ensure precise control and secure locking of the tabs in place. Different types of valves are available, such as solenoid valves for electric systems and valve springs and plungers for hydraulic systems.