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About Fusion
Founded in 2005, Fusion has transformed the boating experience with premium electronics. Fusion ´s powerful sound systems transform the boat into a vibrant party zone, while navigation tools ensure safe and effortless journeys. Fusion was the first to bring Bluetooth to the water and with new features, like touchscreens and music in different areas of the boat.
Fusion speaker kits are a gateway to crystal-clear audio on boats. Turn on the volume on the boat with Fusion´s speaker kits, which are made to handle the tough life on the water. Fusion speaker kits blast out crisp, powerful sound, on riding the waves. It comes in different sizes and styles to fit any boat and taste. They offer a range of speaker kits to meet different needs and budgets.
Fusion speakers are like a magic portal to crystal-clear audio, taking the boating experience to a whole new level. Imagine every note, every nuance coming through perfectly, whether chilling out or having a blast on cruising at leisure or enjoying a thrilling ride, they deliver a powerful sound that fills the boat.
The Fusion lighting remote is used to change the colors and brightness of lights and creates the perfect mood for any occasion. It is easy to use and focuses on having fun instead of fiddling with buttons. The Fusion lighting remote creates a soft glow for a romantic evening cruise or dials up the brightness for a lively gathering. It boasts a user-friendly layout with clear buttons and functions, making it easy to navigate and use.
Fusion marine stereo systems experience music with powerful amplifiers, premium speakers, and advanced audio processing. They are built to withstand harsh elements, including saltwater, UV radiation, and extreme temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability, allowing streaming wirelessly from smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.
Fusion mounting brackets are essential pieces that securely hold speakers in place, ensuring they stay put and deliver crystal-clear audio, even when the waves are rolling. They provide a stable base for speakers and prevent speakers from vibrating or falling loose, even in rough seas.
Fusion equips boats with cutting-edge tech for safer and more enjoyable adventures. Navigate confidently with multifunction displays and AIS receivers, explore further with GNSS antennas, and enhance awareness of radar systems.
Fusion interconnection channels as the invisible highways that connect boat´s electronic devices. They allow information to flow freely between stereo, GPS, radar, and other systems, and be entertained on the water. They´re kind of like the nerves in the body, transmitting signals that help everything work together seamlessly. With Fusion interconnection channels the boat becomes a connected ecosystem, making the boating experience smoother and more enjoyable.