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About Northwave
Northwave is a renowned Italian brand that has been at the forefront of cycling apparel and footwear since its inception in 1993. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and style, Northwave has established itself as a go-to choice for cyclists around the world. From cycling clothing to shoes and official equipment, Northwave continuously pushes the boundaries to provide athletes with top-notch gear that enhances performance and comfort.
Northwave´s journey from its establishment in 1993 to becoming a globally recognized brand is a testament to its commitment to excellence. With an extensive array of cycling clothing, footwear, and equipment for men, women, and kids, Northwave continues to inspire athletes to reach new heights in their cycling endeavors. The clothing range ensures that cyclists stay cool and dry during intense rides while showcasing sleek designs that reflect the brand´s Italian heritage. Rooted in Italian heritage and driven by innovation, Northwave remains a trusted companion for cyclists seeking both style and functionality.

Experience the Best Cycling Time with Northwave

Northwave cycling clothing line embodies a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. Designed with cutting-edge materials and ergonomic tailoring, their jerseys, shorts, and bibs offer superior moisture-wicking properties and ventilation. Northwave caters to men with a diverse range of cycling apparel that caters to various riding styles. Whether it´s road cycling, mountain biking, or leisure rides, The Northwave men´s clothing collection offers a wide selection of jerseys, shorts, jackets, and accessories that prioritize performance without compromising on style.
Understanding the unique requirements of female cyclists, it offers a dedicated line of Northwave women´s cycling clothing. These garments combine technical features such as moisture management and flexibility with elegant designs tailored to women, ensuring an enjoyable and performance-driven cycling experience. Northwave believes in nurturing the love for cycling from a young age. Their kids´ clothing line introduces the next generation to high-quality cycling gear. Balancing comfort, safety, and vibrant designs, the Northwave kids´ clothing collection encourages children to embark on their cycling adventures with enthusiasm.
Famous for its cycling shoes, Northwave seamlessly integrates technology and comfort into every pair. Whether road cycling, mountain biking, or indoor training, their footwear range offers superior power transfer, support, and adjustability. With a focus on enhancing pedaling efficiency, Northwave cycling shoes help riders conquer any terrain. In addition to clothing and footwear, the brand provides a range of Northwave official equipment that complements the cycling experience. From gloves and socks to arm warmers and leg warmers, each piece of equipment is meticulously designed to enhance comfort and performance during rides.