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About Kaloo
Kaloo is a renowned French brand that has been enchanting children and parents alike since its inception in 1998. With a steadfast commitment to creating high-quality, comforting, and imaginative products for little ones, Kaloo has become a leading name in the world of children´s toys, soft toys, and dolls. Embracing the essence of childhood wonder, Kaloo´s creations are designed to foster love, joy, and security, making them cherished companions in a child´s journey of growth and exploration. The story of Kaloo started in 1998 when a group of passionate and talented French designers, driven by the desire to create something exceptional for children, joined forces. Their vision was to craft toys that would ignite the spark of imagination while providing a sense of comfort and tenderness.
Combining their expertise in design, craftsmanship, and child psychology, the team embarked on a journey to revolutionize the world of children´s toys. Kaloo stands as an embodiment of warmth, creativity, and companionship in the world of children´s toys. With its humble beginnings in France, the brand has grown to touch the lives of children across the globe, enriching their early years with cherished memories and lasting connections. Kaloo´s commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation continues to set it apart as a leader in the industry, where the convergence of imagination and comfort brings smiles to the faces of children and fills parents´ hearts with joy.

Kaloo is the Brand Where Imagination Meets Comfort

Kaloo toys represent the heart and soul of the brand´s offerings. These toys are thoughtfully designed to inspire creativity and playfulness in children of all ages. From plush animals to interactive playsets, Kaloo toys capture the essence of childhood fantasy, encouraging little ones to embark on exciting adventures within the realm of their imagination. Every Kaloo toy is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring safety, durability, and an irresistible appeal that sparks joy in the eyes of children.
Kaloo´s collection of soft toys exemplifies the brand´s dedication to providing comfort and reassurance to children. Crafted from the softest, highest-quality fabrics, Kaloo soft toys become cherished companions, offering a sense of security and warmth. These cuddly companions come in an array of adorable characters, each with its own endearing personality. Kaloo soft toys are designed to soothe and accompany children throughout their early years, becoming trusted friends who share in the ups and downs of their journey.
Kaloo´s line of dolls showcases the brand´s commitment to fostering emotional development and imaginative play. These dolls are meticulously crafted to be more than just toys; they are confidantes, playmates, and a source of emotional support for children. With their charming aesthetics and soft, huggable bodies, Kaloo dolls inspire nurturing instincts and encourage empathy and compassion in young hearts. Whether a child is role-playing, cuddling, or sharing secrets with their Kaloo doll, these toys play a pivotal role in shaping social skills and emotional intelligence.