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About Sigeyi
Sigeyi is a brand known for its precision cycling components that cater to the needs of cyclists who demand top-notch performance. Established in China by a Chinese engineer Yulong in 2015, with a passion for cycling in mind, Sigeyi has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to crafting high-quality bike parts. With a commitment to excellence, Sigeyi has become a trusted name in the world of cycling.
Sigeyi is a brand that has earned a reputation for its precision and performance in the world of cycling. With a commitment to excellence, Sigeyi offers a range of high-quality components, including power meters, AXO SRAM-compatible parts, derailleur hangers, transmission components, and various bike parts. Whether you´re a competitive cyclist or a casual rider, Sigeyi´s products are designed to enhance your cycling experience, providing the precision and reliability you need to excel on the road or trail.

Sigeyi Offers Precision Cycling Components

Sigeyi power meters are a testament to the brand´s dedication to precision and performance. These devices provide accurate real-time data on your cycling efforts, allowing you to monitor your power output and improve your training. Whether you´re a professional cyclist or an enthusiast, Sigeyi power meters help you optimize your performance on the road or trail. The Sigeyi AXO SRAM series represents a range of components designed for compatibility with SRAM drivetrain systems. These components, such as chainrings and derailleur hangers, are engineered to work seamlessly with SRAM´s high-performance transmission systems. They ensure smooth shifting, efficient power transfer, and reliable performance, enhancing your cycling experience.
Sigeyi derailleur hangers are essential components for maintaining the integrity of your bike´s drivetrain. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these hangers help protect your frame and ensure proper gear shifting. Sigeyi<´s range of derailleur hangers caters to various bike models, making it easy to find the right fit for your ride. Sigeyi transmission components play a vital role in optimizing your bike´s performance. From chainrings to chain guides, these parts are meticulously designed to enhance your bike´s efficiency and reduce wear and tear. With Sigeyi transmission components, you can enjoy a smoother, more responsive ride.
Sigeyi offers a wide range of bike parts that are designed to meet the diverse needs of cyclists. Whether you´re looking for chainrings, derailleur hangers, power meters, or transmission components, Sigeyi´s products are crafted with precision and durability in mind. Sigeyi bike parts are not only functional but also stylish, adding a touch of quality to your cycling setup.