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About Fractal
Fractal is a computer hardware manufacturer from Sweden that specializes in designing and producing premium products for PC gaming enthusiasts. Fractal´s products include Fractal tower boxes, Fractal computer refrigeration, Fractal USB cables, Fractal cooling heatsink, and other Fractal computer components. Fractal´s products are known for their sleek and minimalist Scandinavian design, their silent and efficient performance, and their support for powerful and customizable computer configurations.
Fractal was founded in 2007 by Hannes Wallin, a passionate gamer and engineer who wanted to create the best PC gaming products possible.Fractal´s first product was a computer case within the Define series, which introduced the concept of quiet PC cases with sound-dampening material on the inside of the front and side panels. The Define series was a huge success and gained international recognition for Fractal as a leading brand in the PC gaming industry.
Since then, Fractal has expanded its product portfolio to include other computer case families, such as the Arc series, which features filtered air vents and modular HDD mounting cages for optimal airflow and liquid cooling solutions; the Core series, which offers budget-friendly cases with some HDD/SSD mounting flexibility and support for all-in-one liquid cooling solutions; and the Meshify series, which combines a distinctive mesh front panel with a tempered glass side panel for a striking and elegant look.
Fractal also manufactures other computer components, such as water coolers, case fans, and power supplies. Fractal´s water coolers are designed to provide superior cooling performance and low noise levels, while also being easy to install and maintain. Fractal´s case fans are engineered to deliver high airflow and static pressure, while also being silent and durable. Fractal´s power supplies are built to deliver stable and reliable power, while also being efficient and modular.
Fractal´s products are available in more than 50 countries, and have won several awards and accolades from computer hardware experts and enthusiasts.
Fractal´s mission is to create products that enhance the PC gaming experience and meet the high expectations of its customers. Fractal´s vision is to leverage the power of nuclear fusion, often touted as the ´holy grail´ of energy, to power a sustainable, clean-energy future. Fractal´s values are innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Fractal´s slogan is ´´Power. Design. You.”