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Päivämäärä 06/07/2020


Päivämäärä 06/07/2020

Versatility and precision. With the duality of sensors (ant + and bluetooth), Polar H9 is presented as one of the most valid options on the market for heart rate sensors.



With the classic Polar adjustable closure and its adherent membrane, Polar H9 achieves the perfect fit sensation from minute 0.


To synchronize our H9 with any device, we simply have to put on the band and look for it in its settings. Being compatible with both Ant + and Bluetooth will allow us to connect with practically all the devices on the market.

The difference in this area compared to H10, is that H9 has no dual connection. That is, two devices of the same frequency cannot be connected at the same time.

Another difference with Polar H10 is that H9 does not have independent memory, therefore we must always connect the sensor to a device so that it saves the data of our workouts.


Polar beat

If we download the training app "Polar Beat", we can use the H10 heart rate monitor during our activity to collect all our cardiac information in the application.

At the end of our activity, Polar Beat will record each training zone according to the HR intervals we have used and its variations. It will also indicate our training status, fatigue and fitness according to the evolution of HR during the different sessions over time.

It is important, in the application, to register the training zones well so that the measurement and estimation of our physical state is correct. I did it through a 400m test and a 1 mile test. In this way, the app will take out the HR and a half data and estimate our HR capacity in each zone quite accurately. Polar Beat is not retroactive, so once the test is done, we must update the previous activities so that we can assess fatigue and the correct way.

Another remarkable feature of Polar Beat is the possibility of doing a fitness test for free. A 5-minute assessment of the fitness level, performed at rest, which gives you an estimate of your maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max).


An affordable band, precise and with infinity of connections so that the user can record their workouts accurately and thus optimize their sessions to the maximum.