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Päivämäärä 03/07/2020


Päivämäärä 03/07/2020

The most accurate and versatile heart rate monitor on the market is already a reality. POLAR H10, more reliable than ever and compatible with both Ant + and Bluetooth. In addition, with the option of simultaneously connecting on two different devices.


Fit and comfort.

The first thing we noticed when we released the Polar H10 tape is a noticeable improvement in the feeling of adaptation to the torso. Lighter, more adherent thanks to its silicone-reinforced points and an improved closure system that makes placement much easier and more comfortable.

Ant + and Bluetooth.

POLAR H10 is compatible with both ANT + and Bluetooh sensors. This allows the athlete to connect the tape to virtually all devices that need it.

Two simultaneous connections

The big difference from Polar H9 is the possibility of connecting the tape to two different bluetooth devices at the same time. For example, on a treadmill and on your fitness watch while you train in the gym.

Internal memory

Another very remarkable function of H10 is the internal memory of the sensor, which allows activity to be recorded in the band itself without the need to use an external device. In this way, the athlete can carry out his training session simply with the band and later view all the data by downloading the activity in Polar Beat.


Polar beat

If we download the training app "Polar Beat", we can use the H10 heart rate monitor during our activity to collect all our cardiac information in the application.

At the end of our activity, Polar Beat will record each training zone according to the HR intervals we have used and its variations. It will also indicate our training status, fatigue and fitness according to the evolution of HR during the different sessions over time.

It is important, in the application, to register the training zones well so that the measurement and estimation of our physical state is correct. I did it through a 400m test and a 1 mile test. In this way, the app will take out the HR and a half data and estimate our HR capacity in each zone quite accurately. Polar Beat is not retroactive, so once the test is done, we must update the previous activities so that we can assess fatigue and the correct way.


A comfortable, reliable heart rate monitor with a multitude of possibilities for both connection and data collection. Designed for the most demanding athlete but equally suitable for anyone looking to have a little more information about their workouts. Surely, in relation to quality price, the best heart rate tape on the market.