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Back to the pool: Zoggs presents surprises and gifts for the new course

Dato 21/08/2023

Back to the pool: Zoggs presents surprises and gifts for the new course

Dato 21/08/2023

After a calm and relaxing summer, boys and girls of all ages can´t wait to get back in the pool


After a calm and relaxing summer, boys and girls of all ages can´t wait to get back in the pool. Many of you, mothers and fathers, will ask yourselves:

"How can I help my child get back to swimming after summer vacation?"


1. Refresh your memory

To prepare your child for their return to swimming, you can show them pictures and videos. Zoggs´ YouTube channel has many resources, including the "Learn to Swim Skills" series, a great resource to start getting back on track. To motivate them even more, you can make it interactive. Ask them their favorite swimming game or activity, or the videos they´ve been watching, to test their knowledge and get them excited.


2. Invest in extra glasses, toys, and layers

When kids are happy and comfortable in the water, they learn faster, so having the right swim gear can make a world of difference. Some of the favorite products from the Zoggs range that can help boost your child´s confidence in the bath and pool include:

Little Twist Goggles : Adjustable, leak-free, and affordable. Proper goggles are important because they allow your child to achieve a flat, horizontal body position, which is the foundation for learning to swim.

Predator Junior Glasses: They have maximum protection against UV rays and have special moisture control and extraordinary durability, thanks to their Bio-Tech frame. They are very comfortable glasses due to their soft silicone gaskets and their blue tinted lenses offer medium protection against the sun and bright light indoors. In addition, its double band strap reduces pressure around the eyes, so they will hardly leave a mark.

Seal Flips : These colorful floating toys are great for improving babies´ and toddlers´ fine motor skills as they kick, reach, and grab them. They also spin and change color when a child blows on them, which is great for helping them practice breath control.

Zoggy Back Float: Flotation designed to help children build confidence in the water while learning to swim. Its ergonomic and adjustable design provides safe support for the child´s back, allowing them to maintain a horizontal and comfortable position in the water. With the Zoggy Back Float, little ones can enjoy a fun and safe swimming learning experience.

3. Attend swimming lessons or go to the pool regularly

As with any purpose of the beginning of the course, consistency is key to success. The children who do best are those who attend classes regularly and practice swimming outside of class. From experience, children who swim twice a week are much more advanced than their peers who swim less, due to consolidated learning and additional time in the water.

Although it can be tempting to skip class from time to time, getting them to train during the week should always be a priority. Not only to improve the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of your little one, but because swimming lessons could save your child´s life on the next vacation if you enjoy the sea and the pools together.


With Zoggs, they will be comfortable, safe and calm while enjoying 100% of their swimming classes. Happy back on the water with Zoggs!